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Avatar Theme

Avatar, an American epic science fiction film created by brilliant James Cameron in 2009, is the first film in the world which box-office receipts have amounted to about $2 billion.

Balloons Theme

Flying an air balloon must be unforgettable and indescribable experience. It feels like flying on one’s own rather than by plane or helicopter. We can feel a breath of wind on face and in hair, having a birds’-eye view of our city and neighbouring territories.

Bridges Theme

Everything can be beautiful if its creator wants it to be such. Even the most ordinary things can be altered beyond recognition. Imagine how dull our existence would be if we didn’t resort to all possible ways to diverse that trivial stuff we are surrounded by all the time.

Caribbean Sea Theme

It’s the place of heavenly beauty. There’s no person in the whole world who wouldn’t like to get here at least once in lifetime, and those who already visited this site, dream to come back.

Dolphins Theme

Have you ever been to delphinarium? If yes, you probably know what it feels like when a show is over – waves of regret and delight rise inside simultaneously. Dolphins fascinate with liveliness, playfulness, and ardour saying nothing of captivating, complex tricks they perform.

Farm Holidays Theme

It’s considered to be necessary for city residents to get away from bustling, noisy, and polluted megalopolises from time to time. A change of scenery is extremely beneficial for our mental and physical health.

Ice Age Theme

Ice Age, franchise by Blue Sky Studios, is an exciting animated cartoon full of humour, sarcasm in places, pleasant music that catches the spirit of every scene, and memorable characters. It differs from most modern animated cartoons.

Night City Theme

Night has an extraordinary ability to change everything and everybody who is in its toils. Pretty much passes out of sight regardless of street lights being turned on; objects become differently shaped; and the reality we live in becomes distorted in a good or bad sense depending on a person.

Roads Theme

There’s something special about road images. Even if a road is asphalt, a man’s creation, there’s something magical and captivating in them. You try to see where they lead to, but in vain – their twists hide somewhere beyond the horizon. You also cannot know where they originate from.

Star Wars Theme

Star Wars is an American cult epic fantastic saga created by George Lucas in the 1970s, which includes six films as well as animated cartoons, TV movies, books, comics, and video games. All of the representations are bound with a single storyline that unfolds in “far, far away” galaxy in the distant past.

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