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Wonders wallpapers

If people were more attentive and less materially-minded, they would notice how wonderful our world is in the proper sense of the word. Isn’t birth of a child a wonder? Isn’t love a wonder? Isn’t the fact that a forest grows from a tiny little seed a wonder? Aren’t gigantic constructions built by hand wonders?

Yes, they definitely are. It’s unbelievable that those large-tonnage stone flags and pillars were carried from one place to other and further arranged without (or with minimum assistance of) any technical equipment. Reasoning from this, it isn’t surprising that hundreds of people died at construction sites…

We can feast our eyes upon some ancient buildings and statues even today. Some of them came down to us in a perfect state such as the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza. However, looking at others, one can say that they’re hundreds of years old – the Colosseum, Egyptian pyramids, Machu Picchu, Parthenon. Still, their age makes them even more special – it makes them look more gorgeous, mysterious, and respectable.

Do you dream to see some of them with your own eyes but haven’t had such an opportunity yet? Download wonders wallpapers from here. HD quality will give you an impression you’re in ancient Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Greece, wherever.

If you consider that not only examples of ancient culture can be called wonders of the world, among our wonders wallpapers, you can find images of modern megalopolises, too, - New York, London, Tokyo. Hopefully, you’ll find some to your liking.

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