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Violin wallpapers

Violin is incredibly melodious. Its magnificent sound can fascinate even those who have nothing to do with music at all. If you aren’t a classic music-lover, you can take pleasure in listening to modern hits played on this musical instrument. Be sure, they may sound even better as well as a home screen of your device will look completely different with violin wallpapers.

Violin is an ancient instrument – it’s about 500 years of age. You can suppose that Antonio Stradivari is a designer of the first violin, though, it isn’t true. Andrea Amati from Cremona, Italy, invented a modern violin and foundered the Cremonese School of Violin Making where Stradivari studied about a century after.

Due to the fact that violin is a graceful instrument producing unbelievably soft, although powerful, sound, it’s extremely valuable. The most expensive violin in the world was sold for $18 million. It was made by Giuseppe Guarneri in 1741. By downloading violin wallpapers, you download a true work of art.

Playing the violin is a useful activity both for physical and mental health. It burns about 170 calories an hour and develops mental abilities: children who learn to play the violin have more developed motor skills, cope with intricate tasks easier and faster, and are more talented in other activities. Let violin wallpapers inspire you!

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