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Stars wallpapers

Do you like camping? If you’re a city resident, you know how precious such moments are. Moments when you escape that fuss and noise. Moments when you relax and enjoy nature. Feeling light exhaustion – pleasant exhaustion – from being on the go all day long, you lie down on the ground and silently stare into the night sky, musing upon stuff. The dark blue sky is star-spangled; against the background of the unbounded matter, tiny bright lights glitter.

Stars are incredibly beautiful celestial bodies. Many a writer has poetized them. Many a painter has depicted them. Many a scientist has studied them. Now, it’s your turn. Download stars wallpapers to your device and feast your eyes upon them at any time you like.

What are stars after all? How are they formed? Reality is prosaic. A star is a huge clump of extremely hot and luminous gas (helium and hydrogen). It’s born inside vast gas clouds when gas heats to 18.000.000° F. At this point, hydrogen and helium nuclei blend.

A star’s colour depends on its temperature: the hotter it is, the bluer light it emits. Besides, their mass correlates with longevity. Although larger (and hotter) stars tend to go out faster than dwarf stars, they are in the skies for millions of years all the same.

Having stars wallpapers installed on a home screen of your computer or laptop, it seems it isn’t a monitor in front of you but the whole Universe!

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