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Rainbow sky wallpapers

Visualization can be realized and children’s drawings can come to life. Don’t you believe this? Lift up your head and look at the sky shortly after the rain or when it’s still raining. What do you see? The sky gleaming with different colours? An imperceptible colourful dome that has fallen on a city? Or an imponderable bridge connecting two worlds? In one word, a rainbow, the wonder of nature. It’s such a spectacular phenomenon that you must snatch an opportunity and download rainbow sky wallpapers to your device. They’ll definitely be its adoration.

The nature is amazingly creative and powerful. It can make truly wonderful things out of nothing. It’s breathtaking to know that for a rainbow to appear, just sunlight and water droplets are needed, isn’t it? Water (moisture) containing in the air – from rain, waves, mist, waterfalls, whatever – refracts the sunlight, so that we can see what it actually is made of. In particular, each sunray consists of a spectrum of wavelengths, to which a certain colour is assigned. Thus, such beauty comes into view.

Unfortunately, we cannot feast our eyes upon it often unless we don’t install rainbow sky wallpapers on our device. Then, its home screen will be given a totally new look.

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