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London wallpapers

What does occur to you when seeing or mentioning red double-deckers and telephone booths of the same colour? London? You’re absolutely right. Nowhere in the world will you see the same set as every city is characterized by a number of features that are peculiar exclusively to it, that are depicted on post cards and fridge magnets. Thus, Paris can be recognized by the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe; you know for sure that it’s New York by the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty; it isn’t wrong to associate Christ the Redeemer with Rio de Janeiro.

London wallpapers we’ve selected for you don’t picture only these bright red objects against the background of bustling streets of the megalopolis – there are a lot of more valuable landmarks that draw the eye in the city.

Here is world-famous Big Ben (which is officially called the Elizabeth Tower now), the huge clock tower. It’s a part of the Palace of Westminster, situated on the bank of the River Thames, the ancient building that astonishes with its dimensions. The London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, can be seen from everywhere in the city – its height is 443 ft. (135 m) – as well as the whole city is spread out in front of you when you get in it.

London is unusual; it’s totally unique and inimitable. It reveals its history itself – just walk around. The city proves modern and ancientry can co-exist. When combined, it creates a feeling you travel through time. Would you like to immerse into such an atmosphere in the comfort of your home? London wallpapers will assist you with this.

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