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Desert wallpapers

A desert… The region of total wilderness and severe drought. The place obstinately avoided by rain clouds for years. The area where everything and everybody observes different rules. Intrigued? Then, you must be interested in desert wallpapers to install on your device.

Extremely dry regions, which receive less than ten inches of atmospheric precipitations a year (the driest get less than one inch, though, and then not from rain but condensed fog), aren’t as uncommon as we think – they occupy an area of about 21 million square miles that is nearly one-quarter of the planet’s surface. These regions aren’t totally unpopulated either – more than one billion people live there.

Deserts are unique natural phenomena. Once you’re here, there are miles of sand spread out in front of you and nothing else. It’s very beautiful in a special way, though, dangerous as well. Look through desert wallpapers to understand what I’m talking about.

When we hear a word “desert”, we visualize a boundless surface covered with sand dunes scorched by the sun, right? Like Sahara, where day-time temperature rises up to 122° F (50° C). In fact, there are only ten per cent of such deserts in the world. All the rest are cold, which are in Asia and Antarctica, and mountainous ones. Desert wallpapers we’ve selected for you are diverse, to suit all tastes. Please, enjoy the view!

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