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Castle wallpapers

Some time, along this access road, nobles drove in their carriages, decorated with golden elements.

In this ballroom, royal families from all over the world gathered to dance and amuse their leisure. Women and young girls, dressed in the most sophisticated evening gowns having done their hair up, waltzed round the room with their husbands and admirers.

In this library, decisions of national importance were taken. When men got tired from dancing, dainty dishes, and small talks, they moved there to discuss state and business affairs, smoke cigars, and drink whiskey.

In this basement, people – both guilty and innocent – might have served their sentence. Deadly terror, physical and mental suffering can be felt in the air here…

Many ancient castles all over the world came down to us. Although some of them are almost ruined – such as Corfe Castle (IX century, England) -, others withstood the ravages of time (Prague Castle, Krak de Chevaliers, Chateau de Versailles). Most often, they function as tourist attractions. However, some castles have been used for intended purposes up to the present – they are royal residencies (Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, for instance).

If you dream about travelling through time, castle wallpapers can take you in the Middle Ages. When inside, it seems time stood still. Everything is as majestic as it was hundreds of years ago. Everything looks exactly the same you visualized… Castle wallpapers in HD will definitely embellish your device.

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