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Birds wallpapers

Imagine you’re walking through a park. There are hundreds of trees and flowers around you. It’s so pleasant to inhale fresh, clean air, watch the sunset, and listen to the chant of birds. If to listen attentively, it’s possible to distinguish a dialogue between them. While some of them talk to each other, other birds seem to rehearse their songs – they repeat one and the same melody for several times.

Birds’ language is rather complex. For example, an ordinary chicken has more than two hundred sounds for communication. Be sure that each of them conveys some meaning. The same is about their songs. They aren’t a number of random sounds as it may seem at first. European wrens sing about 700 different notes every minute, which can be heard at the distance of nearly 500 m.

There are birds that like to make jokes. Mockingbirds have a talent to imitate sounds of different nature – these birds can meow like cats, croak like frogs, whistle, etc. Often, they play such a hoax on their brethren by learning to sing like they.

Birds are so diverse – there are 9,500 species – and interesting to observe and study that there’s a separate branch of zoology devoted to them called “ornithology”.

Each bird species is unique and beautiful in its own way: although mockingbirds don’t have bright colouring, they compensate it for their unforgettable talent. That’s why we offer you to look through a collection of birds wallpapers. I tell you, you won’t find a better embellishment for your device than birds wallpapers.

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