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Arctic wallpapers

The Arctic is as beautiful as it’s dangerous. It’s amazing and unusual to see miles of snow, ice, and nothing else. People who are used to skyscrapers, hundreds of people around, constant noise, and rich flora would be, mildly speaking, shocked if they got there. It’s for sure. The question is whether they would manage to survive in the region where temperature can drop to -68°C (-90.4°F) and the sun shines just six months a year.

Do you have the courage to go there? Do it! Test you strength, stamina, will power, and ingenuity. If you aren’t ready for such a challenge yet, just install the Arctic wallpapers on your device first.

Despite its severity and ruthlessness, the region is unique and fascinating in its own way as everything in the world. It’s breathtaking to see ice and snow up to the horizon so white that it dazzles the eyes. In contrast to such landscape, any city seems dull and colourless. When you get tired from infinite snow, look up – you may be lucky to feast your eyes upon the Northern lights. It’s an indescribable natural phenomenon, which is best seen in the north, when the night sky tinges with different colours: yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, and yellowish-green.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to see such beauty in life. The WWW saves the day once again. The Arctic wallpapers give you a chance to immerse into the atmosphere of eternal frigidity.

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