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Arctic wallpapers

The Arctic is as beautiful as it’s dangerous. It’s amazing and unusual to see miles of snow, ice, and nothing else. People who are used to skyscrapers, hundreds of people around, constant noise, and rich flora would be, mildly speaking, shocked if they got there.

Birds wallpapers

Imagine you’re walking through a park. There are hundreds of trees and flowers around you. It’s so pleasant to inhale fresh, clean air, watch the sunset, and listen to the chant of birds.

Castle wallpapers

Some time, along this access road, nobles drove in their carriages, decorated with golden elements. In this ballroom, royal families from all over the world gathered to dance and amuse their leisure.

Cat wallpapers

You can love them with heart and soul. You can hate them with heart and soul. What you cannot do is to stay indifferent to them. Cats are animals who fill our hearts with boundless adoration and joy or with hatred and rage. Sometimes, it’s the mix.

Daybreak wallpapers

We surround ourselves with beautiful things and people, attend art galleries to see the most wonderful pictures and sculptures, visit the most delightful places, and try to look great. It seems people are subconsciously attracted to admirable things.

Desert wallpapers

A desert… The region of total wilderness and severe drought. The place obstinately avoided by rain clouds for years. The area where everything and everybody observes different rules. Intrigued? Then, you must be interested in desert wallpapers to install on your device.

Drawing wallpapers

Everything has beauty. The problem is not everyone has a desire and courage to distinguish it. It’s in the nature, a city’s skyline, living beings, loving eyes… Everywhere! Still, some beauty cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Fashion wallpapers

Fashion determines not only what to wear this season to be stylish. It goes far beyond clothes and accessories. Fashion is also a way we behave, live, think, entertain; it determines what literature we should read, what food eat, in what style build and decorate our houses, and even how our bodies should look like.

London wallpapers

What does occur to you when seeing or mentioning red double-deckers and telephone booths of the same colour? London? You’re absolutely right. Nowhere in the world will you see the same set as every city is characterized by a number of features that are peculiar exclusively to it, that are depicted on post cards and fridge magnets.

Panther wallpapers

Are you a cat fancier? Obviously, you wouldn’t like to own this cat. In Asia and Africa, it’s known as leopard; in Latin America, they call it jaguar; inhabitants of North America and Europe know it as panther or cougar.

Pages: 12


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